Saturday, 15 August 2020


Working in retail means I come into daily contact with my fellow Brit and the great unwashed are a motley collection of the good, the bad and the ugly.  At the moment people are being asked to wear masks in public places, this is not by our request, as far as I can tell it is law, The vast majority of people -the good- do so without complaint, but there are plenty who feel obliged to moan - the bad- and there are a few who really should wear the mask permanently, it's not that they are physically ugly but their personalities certainly are.  We deal with fucking idiots on a daily basis.

There are people that genuinely forget but still feel obliged to complain about the inconvenience when we remind them.  “FFS, Can’t I just come in?  I only need a few bits…”  No you can't, what makes you so special?

There are others that just moan about how unfair it all is, as if they’re wearing a suit of chain mail rather than a small mask.  "But it's so hot..." Fucking snowflakes, fuck off.

There are many more who put their masks on then pull them down when they think no one is looking, or even when they know we are.  “I can’t breathe…”  They tell us, well you’ll struggle to breathe even more if you get sick.

We hear “where’s your mask then?” several times a day, like we made the fucking rules?  Don't moan at me mate, blame the pricks in Downing street!

Then there are those who claim to be exempt but we can’t challenge them…

A regular customer who I will call Sean works for the NHS in palliative care.  He spent weeks working in the red zone, helping people with Covid19 to die with dignity.  There was a severe shortage of PPE including masks, people were coughing and spluttering all around him and inevitably he became infected.  Sean was very ill for three weeks but came through and is fit and working again.  Sean has no problem wearing a mask whilst out and about, I wish people who moan about masks could hear his story.


  1. And the test match was rained off today. :-)

    I picked up some repairs from the local shop yesterday, went in wearing my face covering. There was only staff in the shop. As I left two customers walked in. Not a mask to be seen. Yet still the govt think they can rely on the public's common sense...

  2. Hope you are well Dave! I did think about you when Buttler and Woakes were stealing the match last week!

  3. I'm good, thanks.

    Although I'm wondering if the otters have eaten all my eels as well as my pike!