Saturday, 8 August 2020

First Test- WTF??

After two days Pakistan were well on top but a wagging tail and an excellent bowling performance despite questionable captaincy gave England an outside chance.  Our second innings started well but when we'd slumped to 117/5 the only question was how long would we be made to suffer...  Enter Buttler and Woakes whose brilliant partnership won England a match when we had no right to do so.  But it was another one of those afternoons, like the World cup final and the last day at Headingly when we were made to suffer!  Loving cricket is a peculiar form of masochism, even our greatest days we endure hours of suffering.

Pakistan must be sick, how did they lose?  How can they come back?

The second test starts next week, hopefully on a wicket that doesn't suit Pakistan as this one did.  Assuming Stokes is fit to bowl then England will make changes.  If an extra batsman plays then for God's sake make Buttler that man and bring Ben Foakes back in with the gloves!  The bowling line up will change too and we may well see Jimmy rested, which once would have been unthinkable.  Jack Leach must be due a game too, Bess hasn't done his job.

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