Monday, 15 October 2018

Radio gaga 3

In the end I won the battle, I'm delighted to say the work radio is no longer spewing the evil of HeartFM.  Whenever I re-tuned I'd stick it on Radio 1 because it was the next station on the dial but my colleagues tuned it back.  Other stations were tried but it always went back to Heart but eventually someone put it on Radio 2 where it has stuck!

Now Radio 2 would never, ever in a million years have been my first choice but compared to HeartFM it is actually a pleasure.  Radio 2 is not without problems and the biggest is the DJ's.  Starting in the morning with Chris Evans who should be better known for being a champion celebrity arse licker.  Whenever he has guests, which is often, he grovels sickeningly, snivelling bastard.  He wants to be famous by association with these megastars.  Lot's of good he done Gazza.
He recently announced he was leaving R2 which is fantastic news but gave a puking bollocks of a speech saying his career "had climbed the mountain and now he was on the top of the mountain and had to move on.. blah blah puke snort".  The following day it transpired he would reappear on Virgin radio having taken Branson's dirty cash.  Wanker.

Next comes Ken Bruce who I'd rarely encountered in the past.  He sounds like a Scottish Wogan and I don't think he remembers where he left his teeth but he's OK.  Followed by Jeremy Vine who's OK but makes the fatal mistake of asking the British public for their opinions.  Throughout history this has rarely resulted in anything positive.

Then comes Steve Wright and the imaginatively titled "Big Show".  Steve Wright was very popular in the late 80's and his show doesn't seem to have changed in the 30 years since, he should be on Hospital radio in the Falkland Isles.  He still plays Elton John's "Sacrifice" at every opportunity but he is no longer surrounded by the "Possee" of opinionated wankers fighting for the microphone.  However his greatest crime is talking over the last minute of songs and for this he should be executed.

I can put up with the DJ's because the music played is unpredictable.  A great deal of it passes me by without leaving anything emotional behind but every day I'll hear a tune I'd forgotten I liked or a classic from a beloved musician;  Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Bob Marley, Nirvana, RHCP, Stevie Wonder, The Killers, The Clash, Paul Weller, The Who, Primal Scream, Fat Boy Slim, Happy Mondays, Aretha Franklin...  I could go on.  The flip side of this is I occasionally have to endure cunts like Rod Stewart, McCartney and even the alleged nonce Cliff Richard.  These horrors in isolation are actually less painful than the unrelenting deluge of shit that is HeartFM.

You can't beat Radio 6 though...