Thursday, 29 September 2016

Random Bollocks

Random bollocks & Stuff.

The coup failed, the Labour party re-elected Jeremy Corbyn with an increased majority.  First thing Monday morning the press starts up it's latest round of smears and propaganda, oh so predictable.  Billionaire newspaper owners don't have my best interests at heart.  I don't believe the crap they print.  I don't give a fuck what JC has done in the past, or not.

The Labour party is the only chance my children (and dare I say future grand children?) have of enjoying the privileges that I have benefited from.  Free health care, adequate public services a decent education, a fair crack at university and yes a helping hand if they should ever need it.  My better half enjoyed Downton Abbey and I found the whole class thing interesting.  Since Thatcher, the establishment has ever so slowly led working people down the road to a different kind of servitude.

When I was a kid the Cold war was it its scariest and we were programmed to believe that the Russians wanted us all dead and you couldn't trust anything that came out of Moscow.  At the same time we were led to believe our own government in Westminster was beyond reproach and our friends across the Atlantic in the good ol USA were paragons of honesty and virtue.

Nowadays it has become obvious to even an idiot that all governments tell lies so I ask myself how long has this been going on?  Was the west side of the cold war any more honest than the east?  I seriously doubt it.

Nowadays the lies are more obvious.  Statements are announced without any attempt to supply the evidence behind them.  These statements are repeated and become facts, just look at the EU vote and the US election for examples.  We all know its bullshit but we lap it up anyway?

 Appearance is everything; drive a fancy car that's owned by the bank, use social media to edit your lives and present exactly the image you choose.  Like the media, the truth doesn't match the headline.  Fashion is a brilliant invention for getting people to buy stuff they don't need.  More media brainwashing, the Establishment pays our wages, then tells us how to give the money back to them.  The proles just lap it up.