Wednesday, 21 November 2012



The first test came has come and gone and as most people predicted, India comfortably beat England.  Before the match I actually stuck my neck out and predicted an England series win and even though we are now one down, I’m sticking with that guess…why??
Well firstly I don’t think England could possibly play that badly again.  We only had one good day out of five and all of us that follow the team know we are better than that.  Secondly I don’t think England will get the selection as badly wrong again.  The whole world suspects England are suspect against spin so we can expect turning pitches in India, Monty Panesar has to play, along with Swanny and two front line seamers.  Jimmy Anderson will be one and I expect Broad to be the other even though he’s been totally inconsistent of late or should that be inconsistent for his entire career?  He’s a frustrating player, just when you think he’s settled down and showing the form that will make him genuinely world class he goes missing again.  Stephen Finn is still unfit so it’s odds on that Broad will get the nod over Bresnan.  The batsmen are frustrating too.  Both Trott and Bell have had a poor 2012 and with the latter flying home for the birth of his child, Bairstow should surely get the nod?  If he gets runs will he keep his spot?  You have to hope so.  Then there’s KPego who made little contribution in the last match, maybe another poor game will see him losing his place when Bell returns.
I’m expecting a much better performance in this match and I think England are capable of beating this Indian team.  Maybe I’m a little optimistic to expect a series win but we’re well worth a draw!
My XI for the 2nd Test;
Cook, Compton, Trott, Peitersen, Bairstow, Prior, Patel, Broad, Swann, Anderson, Panesar.

Since I last blogged something on here they’ve re-elected Barack Obama in the US.  I try to avoid politics at all costs but you have to feel the world is a safer place with a democrat in the White house.  While I’m talking politics, I recently read Hunter S.Thompson’s “Fear & Loathing on the Campaign trail ’72”.  Although not as insanely funny as ‘Las Vegas’ this was still a damn good read in the typical Thompson style.  We all know politicians are corrupt (should I insert an ‘allegedly’ here? ), but it shocked me just how long it’s been going on.  The campaigns to elect the candidates are crooked along with the main event!  I must be na├»ve.