Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Someone pays for every bullet.

I'm just back from a few days at a festival, out of the world.  Before I left the Brexit leaders had all ran to the hills in embarrassment at the lies they had told and we have a new PM (Maggie May), that nobody voted for.  I thought the EU was supposed to be undemocratic?

I come back to find another terrorist atrocity in France, possibly one in Germany too and is that a coup attempt in Turkey?

To make us all feel safer from terrorists the commons has voted to spend £41 billion on upgrading our nuclear "deterrent" which our new unelected PM has said she has no problem pressing the button to use...  Wait a minute, press the button first and bring down the end of the world.  Press the button second and well whats the fucking point?  We're all fucked any way.

We could spend that £41 billion on the NHS or schools or public services but instead we are giving it to the real global terrorists, arms manufacturers/dealers who are far too rich and powerful already. Someone, somewhere profits from every single bullet that is fired in this world.

Also England lost what looks to have been a really good test match against Pakistan.  The rest of this test summer should be really interesting now!

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