Sunday, 3 July 2016

Biting my tongue

It's over a week since the country voted out and it still won't go away.  People are protesting the result and campaigning for another referendum, God no!  It's done get over it!

I'm seeing a lot of social media smugness from the brexiters, even people I consider friends.  I am biting my tongue when I really want to say...

For fuck sake how can you possibly be so naive?  Your life isn't going to improve one little bit because of this fuck up.  It doesn't matter who leads the Tory party, they all want to fuck you.  You are getting excited over fuck all.  You have made it easier for the politicians to fuck you in the arse some more, congratulations on being so fucking clever.  But on the plus side I don't really think you are a racist.

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