Thursday, 28 November 2013

A Happy Monday

June 1st 1991.  Along with about 35000 others I was with Mr G at Elland Road, Leeds watching the mighty Mondays top the bill.  It was a great show, the highlight being “Wrote for luck” which was magical; “Think about the future…”

Twenty two years into the future Mr G and I took our ladies to watch the Mondays again, joined by Mr B and another old pal.  The venue was Norwich UEA and this time we managed to get there in time to have a beer and see the support band, “Sunshine Underground” who were pretty bloody good and we all shuffled our feet.

Playing with the original line up Happy Mondays were celebrating 25 years since the “Bummed” album which made up most of the set.  Even Bez was back with the trade mark freaky dancing but the poor old boy kept needing a rest.  It was great to hear some of the old tunes that hadn’t been played in years but the highlights were the classics “Lazy Itus” and once again “Wrote for luck”.  Shaun was Shaun, comfortable sharing the stage with the old band who played better than ever.  The crowd was loving it, the atmosphere great and everyone danced.  The encore was three more classics “hallelujah”, “Kinky Afro” and “Step on”.  The gig ended in euphoria, everyone went home happy.

That’s the fifth time I’ve seen Shaun with the Mondays, Black Grape or solo.  (Mr G and I bumped into him outside the gig one time, he was shy and polite.)  I’ve been lucky and never seen a bad gig.  None could ever match that mad night in Leeds but I’m looking forward to celebrating the anniversary of “Pills ‘n’ thrills…” in a couple of years.

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