Saturday, 2 May 2020

Lockdown Insanity part six

I know I’m repeating myself but I’m really struggling to get my head around this…

COVID19 was first reported in China in November 2019 and the first case in the UK on 31/01/20. 

Between January and March 2020 190 thousand people were allowed to into the UK from China.

02/03/20   WHO:-  There are three priorities for country readiness: 1) protecting health workers; 2) engaging communities to protect people who are most at risk; and 3) protecting countries that are the most vulnerable, by doing our utmost to contain outbreaks in countries with the capacity to do so.”

The British government continually ignored the advice of the WHO and ignored the advice of its own scientific experts.  It’s not as if there was any evidence to support ‘herd immunity’,  we had seen what had happened in China and Italy, we could see what was developing in Spain but still the British government did not act, they allowed the virus to spread.

12/03/20, Bo Jo the clown says banning major events will have “little effect on the spread”.  Despite this Professional sport did not go ahead in the UK that weekend, that’s right the Football Association acted before the government.

20/03/20 Emmanuel Macron phoned BoJo the clown and literally threatened to close the border unless the UK went into lockdown. 
23/03/20 BoJo the clown finally announces lockdown and compared to Churchill by Tory idiots that have gone quiet as the number of deaths has piled up.

Now the death toll in the UK, even with the manipulated figures, has been catastrophic.  Our leaders, privy to all the warnings and information, have led us to the highest death toll in Europe.  Whereas a few weeks ago we were looking at Italy and Spain in horror and sympathy, the rest of the world is now looking at us in that way.  But the other day the S*n newspaper told me to be happy because BoJo the clown and his whore had spawned a son.

Am I fucking missing something??

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