Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Third Test

An almost perfect test match for England.  Win the toss and bat.  Build a strong platform and accelerate through the middle order to set a big total.  Then bowl the opposition out twice and win by an innings.  Once again the younger players led the way, particularly Ollie Pope with the bat and Dom Bess with the ball.  There were also decent contributions from Crawley, Sidley and Curran too.  Of the established players Ben Stokes once again proved that he has become a very special player, Broad was as consistent as ever and Root took some wickets!  The fourth and final test starts on Friday and England should feel confident of victory.

It's a national scandal that TMS has not had ball by ball commentary for this tour.  I've listened to the 'Cricket Social' but it doesn't quite cut it so I've been forced, reluctantly to tune in to Talk Sport.  It fills the role of giving me cricket commentary but it isn't even in the same school as TMS, let alone the same class.  The commentary team cannot hope to compete with the names and voices that have become our summer friends on TMS.  A few are OK, Mark Butcher for example, even if he does sound like he's just fell out of bed after a night on the piss.  Mark Nicholas would be a good commentator if he stopped trying to hard to sound clever and stopped sharing anecdotes of great cricketing performances given by people other than himself.  How many tests did you play Mark?  

Most of the Talk Sport commentators move me in no direction, Prior is OK, Harmison is out of his depth and Batty doesn't piss me off.  Then we get to the dregs.  Stats man is Aussie Jarrod Kimber who comes from the Cricinfo team.  He is a bell end.  Then there is the sickening KPego who has not found any humility since retirement.  It may be hard to believe but there is someone even worse in the comm box.  I loved Darren Gough as a player but his media persona is loud, opinionated and pig fucking ignorant.  Fuck off Goughie.  Talksport's greatest crime involves their self promotion at TMS's expense, with the tag line 'Less cake and more cricket'.  Fuck off and choke on some bill-tong.  Bring back TMS and all the cake, buses and pigeons. 

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