Wednesday, 1 January 2020

New year, more cricket.

The first test finished in the most predictable manner with a comfortable win for our opponents.  England will look to the illness sweeping the squad but it was still the kind of erratic performance that we have become used to.  We have a habit of losing momentum when in good positions, especially in the first match of a series.  Illness or not our preparation going into Test series is obviously not good enough.  Root winning the toss and putting South Africa in might have been the decisive moment.

There were good performances from Broad, Curran(!), Denly, Archer and Burns but others were under par.  Illnesses meant Bairstow got a game as a batsman but his contribution means he'll be easy to leave out if everyone else is fit.  The second test begins tomorrow, England can play much better but have to start straight away if we are to have a chance in this series.

So 2020.  We have two Teflon coated hired liars 'leading' Britain and the US.  We live in a world where women are paid less than men, where sex offenders can buy their way out of prison... I could go on and on and on but the whole shitshow is rigged to keep things pretty much exactly how they are now.  It's all irrelevant because the bastards making all the money are killing the planet.  But fuck all that, switch of the news and ignore it, just concentrate on the things that make you happy.  An England win would be a good start.

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