Sunday, 15 September 2019

Day three at the Oval

Today I made a discovery that will enrich my life for ever more, my digital radio works in the car!!  I made this discovery in roadworks when England were 55/1 (I believe the first fifty partnership for any opening pair this summer) and the radio stayed tuned in all the way until I arrived at my destination at lunch when Root had just got out making it 88/2

In the afternoon I floated around on the Norfolk Broads, occasionally having a cast or two while on TMS Denly and Stokes just batted and batted and batted.  This was the kind of patient, sensible, batting that makes Sir Geoffrey purr, with more of this England will win more test matches.  The lead climbed on and on, for once in this series we have Australia down and aren't letting them get up.  Sitting in the sun in paradise, listening to Agnew, Maxwell, Mann and co, this is what summer is all about.

After tea the game moved on with much more pace than my boat.  Stokes was out for 67 to a good ball from Lyon, apparently.  Denly got to 84 before the poor bugger was removed by Siddle.  This brought Bairstow and Buttler together which could mean fireworks.  JB didn't last too long but Buttler batted aggresively before eventually falling for 47.  At the other end Curran and Woakes had come and gone leaving England 382 ahead with two wickets left.  I'm sure they'll keep the Aussies in the field as long as possible tomorrow, there's plenty of time left in the game.

So this was one of those rare days when listening to England bat is a pleasure, no nerves, no cursing, just runs.  On the other hand a batting line up that hasn't really worked may have saved itself?  Back to work tomorrow, hopefully to listen to England win...

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