Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The Charlatans. Norwich UEA 11/12/15

I loved the music of the early nineties.  There were loads of British bands making great music and the likes of Happy Mondays and James are lifelong favourites.  I've seen lots of bands of this era live at some point and I can recall few disappointments.  When it comes to consistency one band from the time stands above the rest.  The Charlatans have continued to make good music through a quarter of a century and they are always excellent live.  The latest album "Modern Nature" is a belter so a Friday night gig just up the road in Norwich was just too good to miss so once again the Purple Princess and I teamed up with Mr & Mrs Green for a night of dancing.

The UEA is a nice little venue and if I'm not mistaken had undergone a refit since the last time I'd been there?  There were a couple of support acts, I can't remember what they were called but Mr Green liked the first one and I preferred the second.  To be honest at this stage we were concentrating on becoming fully refreshed before the main event and in this we were successful.

The Charlatans came on about 9.30 Starting off with "Talking in tones" from the new album then belting out a couple of classics; "Weirdo" and "North Country Boy".  The crowd lapped it up with a riot at the front and freaky dancing all around.  (Throughout the night I done a lot of the latter and a bit of the former.)  With the audience hooked the band didn't let us off the hook playing several new tunes, the best for me being "Trouble Understanding".  Sprinkled in was a load of classics from all stages of the Charlatans career.  "One to Another" sounded great and "Only one..." always does.  Loads of tunes packed into ninety minutes and we danced the whole way through.  We had the obligatory 'encore charade' then back with a bang, signing off with the fucking classic "Sproston Green".  This is the traditional end to a Charlatans gig, you won't top SPG so time to go home.

This was the fourth time I've seen the Charlatans and they've been bloody good every time.  I am certain this won't be the last time.

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