Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Eve of War?

Our idiot of a Prime Minister is today reported as saying that people who are against air strikes on Syria are "Terrorist sympathisers".  It's hard to believe any politician could say those words in that context.  It is a disgusting thing to say.

If I understand things correctly, at the end of WW1 an Englishman and a Frenchman drew lines on a map of what was the Ottoman empire and created the countries that are on the map today.  I don't expect they had what was best for the indigenous people at the front of their minds.
NATO invaded Iraq in 1991 and this excursion was given as an excuse for the formation of Al Qaeda.
The idiots Bush & Blair invaded the region again and ISIS has emerged from the vacuum.
The fact is every military intervention receives a terrorist response.  This is not a war that can be won by force.  To make the same mistake over and over again is the height of madness.

Isis are certainly scum, beheading is barbaric but it is also practiced by our Saudi 'allies'.  But who armed ISIS?  The people who manufacture weapons and ammunition are literally laughing all the way to the bank; someone somewhere pays for every bullet.  This war is as inevitable as it is ridiculous but it will make good viewing for some on Murdoch's 24 hour news channels.

I am against this ware and I am against terrorism.  This is not a strange opinion, whatever the clown Cameron says.

I've been called a "Lefty" a lot lately which is fine by me but sometime in the recent past this term has become a slur.  Just as Bush's republicans hijacked the term "Liberal" and turned it into an insult so Cameron's Tories have tried to do the same.  Yes I'm a Lefty.  Who wouldn't be?

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