Wednesday, 8 July 2015

De Hashes...

Despite the big build up the Ashes opening day has been and gone.  (Or ‘de hashes’ as my West Indian friends refer to it).  Over the years England have almost always had poor first days of Ashes series, from that viewpoint this must rank as one of our better starts.  At 43-3 we were on the brink of disaster but Joe Root demonstrated that he is a great player in the making and salvaged something for England.  At 343-7 at the close we still don’t know how good or bad day one will prove to have been.

I’m a bit late for a series prediction but bollocks I’ll do it anyway.  In 2009 I thought Australia were much better than us and would win comfortably.  A few months ago I saw this series in the same way.  I was wrong in 2009, England managed to nick it and this time around I think the sides are more closely matched.  This first match is crucial and if England can come out of it undefeated I think England have a chance in this series and if we play well we can beat Australia.

Ashes series really are special; all the thrills, nerves and expectations of test cricket are ramped up a little bit more.  The full range of emotions will be shown over the rest of this summer and we could end up that a heaven or hell situation known as a tense, close series.  Fantastic if we win but terrible if we lose.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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