Monday, 13 July 2015



Wow!  Nobody saw that coming!  England’s entire team contributed to a comfortable England within four days.  Australia out played in all departments.  Wow!  England edged the first two days then dominated the last two for an emphatic win.  Australia have a rude awakening, Just like England did in November 2013…

Or on the other hand, England won the first test well in 1997 but were battered thereafter.  Could this Australian team do they same?  Well I think they will certainly get better and be a challenge but at the moment Australia don’t have anyone to match the skill of Warne or McGrath, nor the batting depth of that era.

I spent Saturday in Norfolk catching fish from my boat with TMS on the radio.  Even with Warner going well I was sure the game was ours.  That spell of wickets around lunch was a magic, punching the air and giving the signal as they fell.  Brought back memories of 2005, Zander fishing in the fens when Steve Harmison bowled Clarke with the slow one, magic!

Lords next.  Australia can’t be that bad again, can they?  If England win and go 2-0 up this series might not even be close.  If.  

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