Friday, 24 April 2020

Lockdown insanity part 4

BoJo the clown isn't fucking funny.  Time for a rant.

It's all OK, BoJo is out of hospital and getting better every day and he'll make everything great again!  We'll it's the least he should do after allowing this momentous fuck up to happen in the first place.  That's right, our Prime minister BoJo the Clown, allowed this virus to get a foothold in the country, quoted on 1st March;  “A recession, that’s what I fear most” he deliberately put the interests of business before the lives of people.

At the beginning of the pandemic the UK government ignored the advice of WHO and scientists.  On 26th february Scientists urged for "an urgent lockdown to save lives..."
In January the UK government (Hancock) lied about the country’s readiness for a potential pandemic.
In late February the Sunday times reported Dominic Cummings saying the government policy was "... Herd Immunity, protect the economy and if that means some pensioners die, too bad"

The UK government saw what was happening in Italy and Spain yet chose to follow exactly the same course of action.  
An earlier lockdown would have nipped the pandemic in the bud.

Professor Helen Ward – “It’s very sad that so many people have died, and so many more are desperately ill because politicians refused to listen to advice.  We said lockdown earlier, we said test, trace, isolate.  But they decided they knew better…”

Why were Athletico Madrid fans allowed to come to Liverpool when they weren’t allowed to watch matches in their own country?

05/03/20   A statement from WHO   "We are concerned that in some countries the level of political commitment and the actions that demonstrate that commitment do not match the level of the threat we all face. 
This is not a drill. 
This is not the time to give up. 
This is not a time for excuses. 
This is a time for pulling out all the stops.
Countries have been planning for scenarios like this for decades. Now is the time to act on those plans."

Both Germany and South Korea dealt with the pandemic in a different and more effective way. Until 12/03 UK government followed the same course of action as Germany but on that date had a deliberate policy change that differed from Germany in moving away from testing and isolation.  As time has gone on Germany's death rate is 3% while in the UK its 13%

When the clown finally put the country into lockdown Facebook proles were rapturous, describing it as his Churchill moment.  (I'm not making this up.)  If anyone dared suggest it was too little too late they were obviously unpatriotic Marxists, me?  Really?

The NHS are heroes but they went into this fight under funded and without adequate equipment. On 18/04/20 the RCN said ‘thousands of nursing professionals from across the UK are being asked to work without the right PPE…’

Staff and residents in UK care homes have been thrown to the wolves.  These people have been forgotten and ignored and we will probably never know the true death toll.

Testing in the UK has been pathetic.  The government promised 100000 tests per day by the end of April but three weeks in we haven't reached a fifth of that.

On the days where UK deaths hovered just below(?) 1000 the media told us to be happy because the clown is feeling better.

11/04/20  The BMA has warned that doctors’ lives are at risk due to inadequate PPE.  Hancock says NHS staff are using too much.  Another 917 deaths announced in the UK, the 10000 mark will be passed tomorrow.  The loathsome Priti Patel took the government briefing today and came across with her natural lack of empathy and no apology for the lack of PPE.  I doubt they’ll let her do it again.

In the interwebworld there are  FaceBook fuckwitts that believe this virus is an act of war by China, really?  To what advantage?  This is after years of the subliminal rhetoric we’re exposed to which means people make the automatic assumption; China = Bad, USA = Good, of course!  In reality it should be China = Bad, USA = Worse.  This same subtle mind control means these same people wouldn’t possibly believe the UK government could make a mistake, let alone knowingly trade lives for cash.

And the yanks are up in arms because ‘lockdown’ is getting in the way of their freedom’s FFS And that Trump creature is still inciting them.  Of course the Trump supporters should be allowed their freedom to spread the disease, just like they demand the right to sell guns to lunatics and both should be considered natural selection.

The other evening there was some kind of online concert where loads of ‘stars’ beamed themselves into our homes, playing a few tunes.  I didn’t watch it.  The Strolling Bones and that cunt MaCartney pratting about isn’t my idea of entertainment.  I’m not sure if there was any fundraising aspect to this or if we were just supposed to feel happy and grateful that these attention seeking bastards have given us some of their precious time.  If so, fuck off.

It’s quite a clever little ‘trick’ the Establishment is trying to pull off here.  Recreate the WW2 spirit, get everybody behind our army, in this case the NHS obviously, yup get behind the troops, cheering and clapping.  Everyone big up the NHS, pull together solidarity!  Then hopeful while everyone is busy flapping their limbs, perhaps most won’t notice what a total fucking cock up the government had made of things.

20/04/20  The British press is finally starting to get stuck into the government.  The Sunday Times highlights BoJo missing five COBRA meetings (really dramatic name for what is basically a bunch of Etonian wankers having breakfast but...)
   The Irish Times puts it nicely;
“Only a dysfunctional political culture could conclude that a showman, a proven liar, a fraudster with such limited ability, with such disqualifying flaws and such meagre track record is the one to lead any government at such a dangerous time”  449 more hospital deaths today.  Toll appears to be dropping.  BBC reports “Infection rates ‘flattening out’…”

Germany has started to ease restrictions, but they have handled the outbreak a lot better than us.

21/04/20  Social media shows than Piers Morgan (of all people) is continuing to get stuck into the government, more effectively than the new Labour leader thus far.  Reports that fake twitter accounts being set up in names of NHS staff, government propaganda.  And apparently the government is knowingly using flawed test kits.

Tory MPS Philip Davies, Caroline Nokes  Accepted free tickets to the Cheltenham festival in early march from a gambling firm (Ladbrokes/Coral) desperate to keep the festival (attended by 200000) open.  Cheltenham hospital is the worst affected in the whole west country.

I realised today that I'm becoming immune to the death toll, a month ago when it topped 100 in a day I was horrified, now it nudges a thousand (all added up...) and I'm barely moved.

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