Friday, 15 November 2019


So as usual my winter tour selection was miles out (though the first XI not so far away?) but they did pick an interesting squad, chucking a couple of young batsmen into the mix, it will be interesting to see how they go.  I hope Bairstow scores massive runs in the championship next year and fights his way back but leaving him out was the right thing to do.  The first test is next week, England are currently struggling to take wickets in the warm up match and New Zealand have an excellent batting line up, I make the home side favourites.  I hope I'm wrong.  With the kids grown up Sky TV has gone so this will be the first series in about twenty years that I won't be able to watch on television.  I can live without it but I could never live without TMS.

A couple of days ago a couple of old friends and I went to see a band which have been touring for almost as long as we've been alive.  In fact this was the fiftieth anniversary tour for a very British institution, Hawkwind.  Apparently their music was once known as 'Space Rock' which is probably media speak for "music made and enjoyed whilst off your nut on psychedelics".  Tuesday night it still sounded pretty bloody good after drinking a solitary 'Ghost Ship'.  I've never been a massive fan of this band but I've seen them at least four times over the years and they were mostly good.  On this occasion the old favourites sounded great and went down a storm with the audience of old misfits.  But when the newer tunes were played it all went a bit flat.  "Spirit of the age" was fantastic, "Silver Machine" (Lemmy RIP) sounded tired,  "Hurry on Sunrise" a brilliant surprise.  Dave Brock looks and sounds like he could go on forever, I'll probably see them again one day. I must mention the venue Ipswich Corn Exchange which is a good room which could easily hold more people and bigger bands.  There isn't enough live music in my home town!

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