Thursday, 1 August 2019

Ashes day one

Like most people I had to work today but had the radio and managed to be beside it just before 1100 in time to hear the start of another Ashes series.  After that I was doing my usual thing of catching up on Cricinfo when I couldn't get close to the radio.

It was all going so well at 122/8 with Broad and Woakes bowling well, I was beside the radio for the wickets of Paine and Pattinson the sun was shining and the world was a great place.  But Smith.  It's hard to like the sand paper salesman with the ugliest batting style in history but hell he can score runs and was different class today.  Like Kohli a year ago, I hope we get the same result.  And Jimmy is crocked too, possibly?  We'll know more tomorrow.

By the time I got the TV on back home it was for the highlights on channel 5.  Australia 284 but England managed to make it to the close unscathed.  If I could trust England's batting I'd say we were on top.  But I don't so I can't.

Ashes cricket indeed Test cricket!  ODI is fine and fun, that wonderful day almost three weeks ago will live long but you can't beat the real thing.

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