Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Tomorrow and Today

The ICC cricket World cup starts Tomorrow.  This is the most interested I've been in fifty over cricket for a very long time and this is because the game has changed so much.  England have been at the forefront of this and have pushed the boundaries of what scores are achievable in ODI cricket.  We are deservedly number one in the world and have held this position for some time so rightly start the tournament as favourites. 
England should win this world cup but I just can't bring myself to believe it will happen, I've been disappointed too many times and I still have the scars.  In truth there are half a dozen teams who could win this tournament if they find their best form at the right time; other than England I think West Indies, New Zealand, India and Australia all have a shout,  Pakistan and South Africa aren't far away either.  This is a series of one off matches and with ODI cricket anyone can literally beat anyone in a one off game, that's the trouble with this type of competition.
The format has gone back to the round robin league thingy which is actually the best in many ways although it prevents the ICC associate members from playing.  The last time the tournament was structured like this was in 1992, the last time England reached the final.
My prediction?  I want to say England but...  If not then probably India but please anyone but Australia!

So Today we learnt that Boris Johnson will have to go to court to defend a charge of Misconduct in public office in relation to the infamous £350 Million.
Already social media is decrying this as an attempt to pervert democracy, the cry is "So what?  We expect politicians to lie!"  Fuck off!  Politicians should be role models.  Naive I know but I'm not wrong.
Johnson should be held to the same standards of behaviour as the rest of us.  He already has a long history of appalling behaviour in his political career and private life.  Any normal person who had behaved like Johnson in the work place would have been fired years ago but he gets away with it every time and I see no reason why this will be any different.

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