Wednesday, 14 June 2017


A week is a long time in politics, who would have thought that Jeremy Corbyn would be legitimately be seen as the strong and stable leader whilst the Tory party would cosy up to terrorist sympathisers.

Funny Facebook excuses; “It’s all the fault of the young you know, how dare they exercise their democratic right and vote for a better future for themselves?  How selfish, what do they know about life?”  But it wasn’t just the young, people of all ages have seen through the Tory bullshit and have had enough.  I’m even beginning to think that the age of Murdoch and the other arch villains manipulating people’s opinions is coming to an end.  The way people are informed has changed, the internet is full of independent sources of news that are not slanted to the agenda of a few billionaires.

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our own mind”

No Labour didn’t win.  Yes we still have a Tory government but Labour was supposed to be wiped off the map and this didn’t happen.  Instead the Labour party has gained seats and is in a position to influence policy going forward.  Already the Tories have announced the end of austerity, how kind, what took them so fucking long?

New Labour is dead, the Blairites will be consigned to an embarrassing corner of history, the people have their party back, and there is hope for democracy.  For the first time in my adult life there is real optimism, the tide has turned!  But I don’t want to be interested in politics, I want to go back to ignoring it all and I definitely don’t want to care.  That’s the trouble with Jeremy Corbyn, I can’t ignore him and when all the bullshit is swept aside he’s on our side and deserves our support.

Terrorism in the name of religion is a lie, these people have no place in society, they steal oxygen and have no place in the gene pool.  Love and respect to all those who serve in the emergency services, you deserve more help and more pay.  The one love concert in Manchester was the best message, this song made me cry.

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