Saturday, 25 June 2016

Mr Angry's referendum rant

2250  The news is telling me the result will be close.  The bookies are saying we will stay in Europe.  Cameron has tweeted thanking everyone who voted to stay, fuck off Dave.  BJ & Gove have apparently signed a letter urging the pig fucker to stay as PM. Well well!  Is that a concession?  Give us a job Dave?
2340  FFS Farage is on TV thanking people for having the guts to "defy the establishment..."  Double speak!
1230  Leave seems to be doing better than early predictions suggested.  The value of the pound is plummeting.
0100  Going to bed.  It's looking like the country is going out of Europe...
0700  Awake. 51% of the British people have voted to leave the EU.

I didn't make my mind up completely which way to vote  until a couple of weeks ago but once I did I was certain and this gut feeling only increased since.  The two horrible campaigns cancelled each other out and I don't have the inclination to try to understand statistics I can't trust.  The deciding factor for me was what will happen next in Westminster.  The far right are trying to take over Britain, Brexit is a Trojan horse.  Immigration is the skeleton key.  The country will be lead out of Europe and the current government are likely to be ousted and replaced by an even worse bunch of bastards.

The vote is interesting.  The majority of people under 50 voted to remain, it was the 50 to 65 year olds that voted us out.  These are the people that voted for and benefited from Thatcher.  They had free education, free health care and good pensions, Thanks...

Mid morning, Cameron resigns...  Which of these bastards will replace him?

Boris Johnson is a dishonest wanker who cheats on his family and has lied and maneuvered his way to the top.  His foolish, bumbling, affable persona as a scam to lull us into a false sense of security and win our votes because he's a bit of a laugh.  Johnson is too expensively educated to be as thick as he claims to be yet at Bejing in 2008 he couldn't even wave a flag.   Now he is being touted as a potential future Prime Minister.  BJ didn't come out in support of Brexit until the eleventh hour.  Was he in deep meditation, probing his conscience as to what was best for the country and the people?  Or was he weighing up the options and trying to steer the path of his own career?

Michael fucking Gove claims people in this country have "had enough of experts".  This is the man who in describing WW1 said it was "not a series of catastrophes perpetrated by an out of touch elite but actually a successful campaign full of willing, patriotic participants".  To not share Gove's opinion apparently makes me a loony leftie...  The WW1 quote is ironic considering we have just witnessed the biggest establishment con job for 100 years.  The right wing has been unable to do its own dirty work so have managed to con the working man into doing it for them.  The establishment has triumphed from an "anti-establishment" vote?  Double speak.

Iain smokin' spliff says more austerity is "a price worth paying" if Britain leaves EU.  Well dickhead you ain't the one who will be paying the price are you?  FFS.  Its OK to give business a tax break but not someone claiming a legitimate benefit.  Heartless bag of shite.

He will never be PM but I have to have a word about Nigel Farage, former commodities broker, wanker banker, Tory reject is part of the establishment.  In what reality is he the voice of reason? He was lying all along and within hours had admitted the £350 million was a figure he'd invented.  UKIP are not the voice of the people, they are so far right they make Cameron look almost human.  Cameron stuck his cock in a dead pig years before he started fucking the rest of us.

This campaign has been horrendous, both sides have been equally badly behaved as have many of their supporters.  Social media has seen armchair experts appearing from all directions.  The Brexiters seem the more numerous but maybe its because like travelling sports fans, they are out numbered but make more noise.  I hate what this referendum has done to our country, I can't remember a time when this country has felt more divided.  We are being used as the soldiers in a right wing civil war.

A vote to remain is not unpatriotic, it doesn't hand power to EU.  The problems I see come from Westminster, not Brussels.  It was the British government that bailed out the banks with OUR tax revenue.  Westminster introduced charges that could limit my children's further education and created a housing market they will struggle to buy into.  Brussels isn't breaking up and privatising the NHS.

Why did so many people get up in arms when Obama offered an opinion yet remain silent when the Australian born US citizen, Rupert total cunt Murdoch told us what to do?  Fucking Murdoch... who said "When I go to Downing street they do as I tell them, when I go to Brussels they ignore me."

What next?
Well despite the vote not going the way I wanted I definitely won't be signing any petitions because I don't want to go through all this shit for a second time.  I don't believe being in or out of Europe will make the slightest difference to my day to day life.  I won't be any better off, I won't have any more money in my pocket.  We still live in an unequal, unfair society where the greedy elite continue to hoard 90% of the wealth.  I hope the passion that has been displayed this spring can be diverted to attack the establishment.  I can't see it happening though, the media will collude to keep people mollified.

 And while I'm at it... I hate the society we have created which measures success in pounds and pence.  This success is displayed for all to see by designer labels and German cars with personalised number plates.  All advertising is a lie.  Fashion is a device created to make people spend money on things they don't need.  I hate the fact that young people feel obliged to join a gym and 'work out' in order to conform to an unnatural and unrealistic 'body image'.  I don't want to live in a world where everyone looks the same like the fucking Kardashians.  Beauty is in diversity.  I hate the fact that beards are fashionable and waxed mustaches are for cunts.

The children of the punk generation can't think for themselves, they mindlessly parrot what the media tells them.  Take your Soma and do as you are told.

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