Wednesday, 11 May 2016


My interest in Football has been waning for years and even Leicester City winning the Prem doesn't fill me with any great excitement.  I know a few genuine Leicester fans (loads more have come out of the woodwork lately...) and I'm pleased for them.  I'll always follow my local team Ipswich Town (our season tailed off a few weeks ago...) but I simply can't afford to watch them very often.  Does this Leicester win really give hope to all the smaller teams like the Town?  Almost certainly not.  Is it really such a big deal when the club is owned by Thai billionaires?  Money still talks.

For as long as I can remember West Ham have played at Upton Park and this is the final season that it will be the clubs home ground.  As far as I know this is the stadium they played their final game last night yet in recent weeks I've heard it referred to as the "Boelyn ground".  I'd never heard it called this in the previous forty odd years but now it seems its been called this all along???  I'm confused.

I was thinking all this Football would be over in a few weeks time but I've just remembered there's a European championship coming up next month, it never ends.  This time next week I'll be excited about sport again, it will be the eve of the first test match of the summer.

Tony Cozier died today.  As a journalist and broadcaster he was the voice of West Indian cricket for over fifty years.  He was a great commentator with a melodious Bajan accent and supplied the soundtrack to the greatest Cricket team I have ever seen.  RIP 

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