Monday, 29 February 2016

Shake it all about

Boris Johnson came out in support of Brexit earlier this week.  So what?  Why should anyone care what this half witted, mop headed old Etonian sleaze bag thinks?  I don't even believe his opinion is genuine.  I think he is more interested in positioning himself to take over as leader of the Tory party should the vote go against Cameron and he is forced to resign.  I genuinely believe Johnson's proclamation is motivated by self interest rather than what is best for the country.

I don't really know if Britain should be in or out but I do think the EU should be given a big shake about.
I don't understand the financial implications of being in or out of the EU.  Unfortunately our politicians just spew rhetoric and our media just screams hysteria.  No one presents facts.

If breaking away from the EU means we become more closely allied to the USA then I am fearful, especially with the ominous figure of Trump looming.  Imagine that, Johnson leading on this side of the Atlantic and Trump on the other.  It doesn't bare thinking about.

I'm sure I've said it on these pages before but western Europe has enjoyed over seventy years of peace, following on from centuries of war.  To be trading partners with our former enemies has to be a good thing?

Great Britain has just about the worst workers rights in the whole of the EU, this situation is hardly going to improve if we leave.

I do believe Great Britain needs to regain control of its borders.  This is not, as some would have it, a racist viewpoint.  If immigration was controlled then the British people would be more welcoming towards genuine asylum seekers.
Will coming out of the EU make the British people any better or worse off?  I doubt it will make much difference.

On balance I think I like things the way they are.  I believe the EU definitely needs to be reformed but on balance, at this moment in time, I think we are better off staying in.

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