Tuesday, 10 November 2015

I like Jeremy Corbyn

I once read that as we grow older our political views become increasingly more right wing.  Well I'm happy to say that if anything, mine are going the other way.

I first became aware of Mr Corbyn earlier this year when his name became linked with the Labour leadership with increasing confidence.  I didn't know anything at all about him but because he was eliciting vitriol from people whose opinions I detest I found myself liking him by default.  The more I learnt about JC the more I liked

A real socialist leading the Labour party?  Surely not!  Actually yes, it happened and for the first time in over a decade I find myself taking an increasing interest in politics and I find myself liking Jeremy Corbyn even more.

Since he has been leader of the Labour party he has had even more vitriol spewed in his direction.  Not just from the Tories, (we expect that) or the right wing press (we expect that too) but sadly some has come from within the Labour party itself.  These are the so called moderates who are not socialists at all but capitalists wearing a red tie.  For example the war criminal Tony Blair has been vocal in condemning JC.  I particularly dislike Blair because he was a wolf in sheep's clothing.  I didn't realise he was basically the same as the Tories we were voting out, I was naive and i was duped.

Just to rebuff some of the accusations that have been thrown my way lately; Supporting Jeremy Corbyn does not make me a terrorist sympathiser, it makes me anti war not anti armed forces.

We British have been brain washed into thinking there is no other way than the capitalist society we have endured since Thatcher.  This is not true. Nationalising the railways isn't really such a crazy idea is it?  Are we really better off since our energy became privatised?  Of course not!!  Do we really want to live in a society that bails out the bankers then blames the poorest in society for this country's problems?

We've been lied to and ripped off for too long.  Time for a change.