Thursday, 14 May 2015

The mad world of English cricket.

In the weird and wonderful world of English cricket the madness continues.  First Andrew Strauss is appointed as… whatever his job title is?  We love Straussy and hope things go well for him.  Then before you can draw breath poor old Peter Moores is sacked to be replaced for the short term by Mr Farbrace, (I’ve been drinking some red stuff with ‘beaujolais’ on the bottle and it’s quite nice but I can’t remember his name and can’t be arsed to google).  Is Moores the wrong man?  Or, has he been the right man at the wrong time?  We will never know.  My problem with Moores’ two terms in charge is I don’t think the right teams have been put on the pitch.  Is this down to Moores or is this the responsibility of the selectors? 

Next the KPego saga rolled on, he makes a career best 355* for Surrey then is told he won’t feature in England’s plans this summer.  From what I’ve read the there’s nothing that says the door is locked and bolted for KPego and if England have a bad summer he may yet come back.  On the one hand KPego is a selfish twat and shouldn’t be anywhere near the England team.  On the other, based on talent and recent form he should be picked.  I don’t like the bloke but I do enjoy watching him bat.

Now up to date and the squad for the first test against New Zealand has been announced and I’m disappointed to see its virtually the same as the last one.  Adam Lyth will make his debut as Cook’s opening partner, fine.  I’d like to see Alex Hales given a go but maybe his time will come.  The rest of the batsmen look fine too but Bell has been inconsistent of late.  Buttler behind the stumps, no problem there either.  The trouble for me is with the bowlers/All rounders.  Neither Stokes nor Jordan look like they could bowl a team out so we only have room for one of them.  Hopefully Wood will make his debut.  If we’re going to pick an all rounder then we should ditch Ali and play a proper spinner, surely he’s not our best option?  Give Rashid a chance!  Where’s Monty?

I’ve said it before New Zealand are capable of beating England, this will be a serious test series and even if we win, will we be any closer to knowing what our best team is?

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