Sunday, 29 March 2015

Test cricket coming soon!

Time passes quickly and since I last wrote anything on here the World cup has gone to form.  The final four teams that contested the semi-finals were South Africa, India, New Zealand and Australia with the co-hosts making it through to the final.

England as expected lost to Bangladesh and crashed out at the group stage.  The ODI game has changed dramatically in recent years and England haven’t changed with it.  Where England push singles the top teams are smashing boundaries, with our approach to the game we can only hope to be anything like competitive on home soil.

The final was an anti-climax.  NZ started shakily with the bat but progressed to 150-3 then collapsed 183 all out.  Aus won at a canter by seven wickets with 101 balls remaining.  As a passionate England supporter it’s tough watching Australia being presented with the world cup.  It was made 1000 times worse by the grovelling Englishman holding the microphone.  Mark Nicholas was nothing more than an honest county pro but has always been a sickening, plum gobbed wanker in the commentary box.

At least now we have some real cricket to look forward to.  England play a test series against the West Indies with the tests beginning in Antigua on 13th April.  This series is crucial and England must win well to gain some momentum going into the summer.  England will have their eyes on the Ashes series later in the year but before then we face New Zealand who are not to be over looked and are definitely capable of winning.
Thought for the week, Lewis Hamilton must surely be a multi-millionaire so why can’t he get himself a hat that actually fits?

News this week was dominated by the pilot that deliberately crashed a plane full of people.  Shocking, tragic & senseless.  Strikes me as an adult version of taking a gun to school.  Oh apparently there’s some political bollocks beginning soon.

I found an Ian Rankin title that I hadn’t read so bought it assuming it would be a Rebus novel.  It wasn’t, I was disappointed for a second but remembered reading other ‘non Rebus’ books that were bloody good.  “Bleeding Hearts” tells of an assassin who you can’t help liking.  After a hit Michael Weston (or is it?) feels he’s been set up and back tracks to find out what happened.  With enemies closing in on all sides he doesn’t realise just how set up he has been!  It’s a pretty good thriller and I enjoyed it but not as gripping as you know who.

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