Saturday, 17 January 2015


I’m confused. 
If capitalism is so great why does most of the “free world” owe money to China?  Also why are there so many people living in poverty in the USA?  And why are they allowed guns?

The European Union confuses me too.  I suppose that on balance it’s good that most countries in Europe are united under one banner.  It must be better than the several centuries we spent at war with each other.  But how else does European union benefit me and my family?  I can’t see how membership of the EU can benefit the UK as well as benefitting a poorer country like Romania for example.  Someone could baffle me with figures and explain the EU is good for business and therefore good for everyone but in a capitalist society the privileged few feel the benefits far more than we, the people do.

Some things don’t confuse me.  I understand that democracy is a worthy ideal but it doesn’t actually work very well, in any situation, ever.  I know that all politicians are liars who are not worthy of my vote.  I know that my vote will change close to fuck all because politicians don’t run the world, big business (i.e. a few rich men) runs the world.  They find new ways to rip us off and we just lap it up. 
I may have a grim view of modern life but I remain happy because with the exception of these occasional rants, I ignore it all.  I just don’t care about politics and all that bollocks and I rarely watch the news.  I do what I must to get by with a smile on my face and make the most of my free time but doing the things I love with the people I love.  My closest friends have very similar views on life as I do, we all opt out.

I talk about books a lot on this page so I’ll end with one now; George Orwell’s “1984”.  Many people refer to this book every day without even realising it because things like “Room 101” and “Big Brother” are familiar in our world.  Just about everything predicted in this book has come to pass, you don’t have to use much imagination to draw parallels from what Orwell describes to what is happening in the world around us.  1984 is a terrifying book.  I dare you to read it.


  1. Now read Animal Farm and The Road to Wigan Pier. ;-)

  2. Blimey you don't read this bollocks?? :)
    I've read Animal Farm & will look out for Wigan pier ta. Must say the title evokes miserable images of the grim north ;-)

  3. I just look at the pictures. :-D

    I went through an Orwell phase back in '78!. Wigan Pier is pretty grim.