Friday, 25 July 2014

Missed the second test...

I missed almost all of the second test (but I had a good reason).  I left home midway through the first session on Thursday and returned half way through what proved to be the last.  In between India beat England by 95 runs.  From what I can gather England bowled too short after inserting India on a green wicket.  On the last day they collapsed just when they began looking like they could make the runs.  During the match only Balance (110), Root and Plunkett made more than fifty.  The wickets were shared but the new boys performed well.   Credit to India who have won a test after a horrendous run of defeats away from home.  

It has to be said; Its England’s senior players that are underperforming at the moment.  Cook, Bell, Prior, Broad and even Anderson are not making the contributions we expect from them.  It has been revealed that Prior has been carrying an injury and will now miss the rest of the series.  If that's the case then he shouldn't have been picked in the first place, England aren't good enough to carry any unfit player.

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