Monday, 23 June 2014

A right ol thrashing...

Over the last two days the England cricket team has gone from a position of almost certain victory to one of imminent defeat.  Two days of dominance has been followed by two days of surrender.  Last winter we blamed the batsmen but in this match our bowlers have been out performed by the Sri Lankans.  For England only Liam Plunkett has stood tall but he is on his home ground.  Cook’s captaincy is still unimpressive.  Moeen Ali’s selection is questionable but if he’s picked he has to bowl more overs.  As it stands we’ve learnt nothing about his bowling because the captain seemed reluctant to bowl him.

Tonight we are facing almost certain defeat thanks to Prasad blowing us away, bowling the length Geoffry Boycott has been preaching about for the last four days, maybe he listened.  England’s bowlers obviously didn’t.  Mustn’t forget Angelo Mathews who played a great captains innings.  Sri Lanka will win this match because they’ve played the better, tougher cricket.  They’ve beaten us at our own game.

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