Thursday, 12 December 2013

3rd Ashes test. Optimism?


The third test begins in the early hours of the morning.  Australia are full of confidence and expect to win.  England are making all the right noises but it’s hard for even their most passionate fans (myself included,) to have much optimism.  Before the series started I couldn’t see how England could lose this series, surely this team will find their best form when it really matters?  Now it’s hard to see how we can possibly win, this team seems to be well past its best.  The Perth pitch should definitely be more suited to the Aussies and England’s record here is woeful.

Team England obviously believe they are putting the best eleven players on the pitch but are they denying the evidence that the players being selected are no longer up to the task?  Perhaps we’re putting too much of an onus on England and it’s time to give Australia some credit.  They may have lost the summer series but from it they learnt what their best batting line up is.  With the obvious exception of Michael Clarke, few of these players look world class at this stage but they are solid and are doing their jobs.  The Aussie bowlers done well this summer too and with the addition of the resurgent Mitchell Johnson they now have a fearsome attack.

Despite this I can’t help feeling England will step up and perform in this match.  I don’t know where this belief comes from, maybe it’s just the blind optimism of a long term cricket fan?  When I wake up tomorrow morning we’ll see if I’m right or wrong.

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