Wednesday, 18 January 2012

First Test Dubai, days one and two.

I was planning to keep a diary of the latest Test match series but I just haven't had the time. Also work is so busy it's really difficult to keep up to date with things during the day. Before the series against Pakistan began predicted it would be a tough one for England. After two days of the first match that is exactly what is happening.

Day one was dominated by Pakistan's spinner Saeed Ajmal who took 7 for 55as England were skittled out for 192 though it has to be said poor/rusty batting contributed to this. Only Matt (best keeper batsman in the world) Prior stood up to be counted with an unbeaten 70.

Day two saw England's bowlers attempt to drag us back into the match, they done a pretty good job too but at the ned of play Pakistan's lead was 96 with three wickets left. There were two wickets each for Anderson, Broad and Swann. The other one fell to Trott of all people!

Going into day three, if Englnad can keep the lead down to 130 or less then they are still well in the match but they have to bat a hell of a lot better than they did on day one. At this moment in time Pakistan are definitely ahead in the match and must be favourites. However England fans are well used to seeing our team fight back from poor positions to salvage something from the game and I fully expect them to do it again.

I was disappointed that Monty Panesar didn't get a game. I'd have left Morgan out, moved Prior up to six and played the extra bowler...

I recently finished reading “Start the car – the world according to Bumble”, AKA David Lloyd former England & Lancashire batsman, umpire,coach TMS pundit and now part of Sky sports commentary team. Bumble is highly entertaining on the air and this book is very funny and a dam good read. You can almost hear the words being spoken in Bumble's distinctive Lancastrian accent and there are several laugh out loud moments within. Bumble shares his views on just about every subject there is; football, beer, music and of course cricket. He gives his friends and colleagues a good ribbing too!

If you like cricket and enjoy Bumble's commentary then this book is a must read.

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