Sunday, 15 November 2015


I was on the Broads, sitting in my boat with Radio 6 music playing as usual but its just background noise most of the time.  The news came on, I heard the words "terrorist attack in Paris...", I couldn't believe what I was hearing after that.

The first thing I think is why?  Is this because of western intervention in Syria?  Or even the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Is this the fault of "the West"?  Should "we" just back off?  How many innocents die there in bombing raids every day?  Is this really all about oil?  Is this just people arguing over whose God is best?

The cynic in me wonders if, right now politicians are thinking how best they can spin this to their advantage.  The "right to privacy bill" for a start.  I believe they will.  In fact Lord Carlisle is on BBC news doing it right now, what an utter contemptuous prick.  I better watch out, I drive a black Seat.  (I made the notes for this while still sitting in my boat, the odious politician appeared while I was typing them up).

Back up a bit.  This is an atrocity with no justification.  Any sane person condemns it and sends love to the people of Paris.  99% of Muslims will be just as horrified as everyone else but will they be given as much air time as the 1% of nutters?  I don't believe religion has anything to do with this, these people are just plain evil and any religious claims on their part are false.

My own faith comes through my own experiences of life.  I have seen, heard and felt things that defy rational explanation.  I know there's more to life than this.  Religions are all different paths to the same place.

I've added a couple of links to the right hand side.  One is a good friends music blog which I've been forgetting to put up for some time.  The other is "Another Angry Voice" which will either be right up your street or intensely offensive.  I hope its the former.

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